Marie-Rose ATCHAMA  was born on 1er november 1952 at Reunion Island in Indian Ocean.

While working at the Post Office  in Paris in 1985 she becomes aware of the power that  the mind can exert on the body and begins her inner evolution. "Spirituel Awarkening" An evolution that leads her to new horizons and  various passions formes . ( astronomy-spirite-psychoanalysis).

She questions herself a long time  about the creation of Human and his position in the universe.

She makes a training for 5 years in psychoanalysis + 4 cycles of a new therapy (the Art of Conscious).

In 1993 turned back to Reunion  she makes a training  to center for alcoholics at Bellepierre hospital in Saint Denis  and becomes sophrologist.

In 1999 she becomes aware of spontaneous writing and writes several texts.

In 2001 the awareness of colors leads her to pictorial art.

With new knowledge she returned to Paris where she implements her creations.

To create his artistic universe  she juggles with fantasy and reality by bringing a touch of madness in his creations. She draws its imagination in the abstract, symbolic and spiritual. The spiritual surrealism comes spice up his world just as much on the pictural plane as scriptural.

Artist multi-disciplinary. Painting-Writting- Creation of Mosaïc- Party games- Sculpture.

- 2015 Return to Imaginary -  Imaginary Fantastic

-Implementation studio  mosaïc sculpture and painting

 -Maestro d'Arte Associato Onorario e Benemerito 2014 

- Gran Maestro e Socio Onorario- Italia in Arte-Brindisi

- Academician associated -section art- at Accademia internazionale" Greci-Marino" - Accademia del Verbano di   Lettere, Arti, Scienze

- Accademico di Merito à l'Accademia Italiana "Gli Etruschi"  Belle Arti - Lettere - Scienze.

- Socio Onorario à  l'Associazione culturale de Brindisi " Italia in Arte "

- Merite Culturel français- Fédération Nationale de la Culture Française-

-  Maison des artistes

-Wikigallery :   http://www.1st-art-gallery.com/Paul-Cezanne/Paul-Cezanne-oil-paintings.html   Cezanne-  Handmade Oil Painting Reproductions - sponsor of Wikigallery.org


- 2007

- Diploma of participation : Arte e Motori 

- 2008                                   

- Diploma of merit + medal : Premio Alba  

 - Academician associated at Accademia Internazionale Greci-Marino.

- Grand prix internazionale Il Perugino.  Accademia Internazionale Il Marzocco di Firenze

  Belle Arti, Lettere, Scienze ..

 Grand prix internazionale "Urbs Mundi" à l'Accademia Italiana Gli Etruschi

 Belle Arti - Lettere - Scienze.

- Prix Michel-Ange Buonarroti et Prix des Droits de l'Homme 2008.

-  Socio Onorario per 2009 

- Association Culturale de Brindisi .

- 2009

- Diploma of merit.: Premio Alba

- Medal   Bronze  -Arts et Chevalets de Provence-

+ Diploma official "Salon  d'automne international "


Medal bronze - FNCF- Federation Nationale de la Culture Française

-Diploma di merito+Medaglia: Premio Alba

- Toile d'Or 2010- FNCF- Mérite Culturel Français

- 2011

Gran Maestro e Socio Onorario - (Italia in Arte- Brindisi ):  (Cliquez ici)

Opere nella Biblioteca del Museo Virtuale di Italia in Arte


Grand Prix Europeo " Albrecht Dürer". Titre de l'oeuvre:  le cheminement des éléphants  (click here)

Titre Honorifique: membre d'honneur dell Accademia Internazionale Gentilizia il Marzocco


      ALBO D'ORO -  Italia in Arte -Brindisi-   www.italiainarte.it/nuovo/albo2013/#/284  


- "Maestro d'Arte Associato Onorario e Benemerito 2014 à l'occasion du Prix consacré à Salvo d'Acquisto- Association Italia in Arte de brindisi.

                                                                      (click here)                                                                                                                                                                      

- Maestro d'Arte Associato Onorario e Benemerito 2015

-Price Raffaello Sanzio 2014                                             (clik here)

 List of artists published in the review "Arte Edition Giorgio Mondadori "


2016 : Prix Beato Angelico

2017 :   grand Prix  saint Germain des prés Paris



 ArtPrice http://www.web.artprice.com/store/ATCHAMA

Maisons de artistes: www.artistescontemporains.org/Marie-rose-Atchama,2117.html


-  2 works - Association" Autremonde" France

- 1 work - JardinSahel -Association Sénégal - Art et Music en SOS-

- 2 works -"CASA" - Thank God for all his blessings Art=Godly Universal language.

- 2 works" Hellenic Society of Haematology- Athens- Greece. " Donate a chance at life"

-1 mosaïque de 60x60cm -Crèche de Bethleem-Gilo-Jerusalem-Israël  

-- 2 drawings  on  papyrus for the children of  hospital  in Pologne " SMILIES" projet humanitaire organisé par Marek Wysoczynski